We hope this helps you understand what is included in hospice care.  As always, please call us with all your questions.

My mom started on hospice, and I just found out that they will not be providing caregivers. I am so upset and do not know what to do. I feel like I was promised something I am not going to get, should I try another hospice agency?

Dear …
I hear this a lot and I am constantly trying to find a way to get the information out there of what hospice does and does not provide. Hospice does provide a lot. I will tell you that hospice does not provide in-home full-time caregivers.

Hospice does provide a social worker who comes to you with many resources, one of which will be a list of caregiving services that they recommend. Caregiving would come out of pocket. Your social worker can also help you with finding respite care, which can sometimes be provided through your insurance, and help with researching financial assistance, and/or resources that are affordable and available to you. Hospice also offers volunteers, which can come sit with the patient for an hour or two as needed for support. Even those small breaks are helpful, and this is something that is no cost to you and brings much comfort.

I have created a list of what most hospice’s cover. (Not all hospices supply these items, so you would need to communicate with your team)

Medical equipment: hospital bed, bedside table, bedside commode, shower bench, wheelchair, walker, Hoyer lift, oxygen concentrator, portable oxygen tanks, nebulizer, and a suction machine.

Medications: Usually hospice only covers the symptom relief kit and medications related to the diagnosis. All other medications would need to be discussed with your case manager and Doctor.

Incontinent supplies: Diapers, diaper liners/poise pads, wipes, disposable bed protectors (chux), and gloves. Some also provide bathing cleansers, zinc-based creams/skin protectors, lotions, and mouth care supplies. Please note not all brands of supplies are provided, so if there is something specific you might want, it would be out of pocket.

Wound care supplies: Most, but not all, wound care supplies are provided.

LOVING HEARTS TEAM 💕Team: (not all hospices have the same availability)
Hospice NP and Medical Dr. can come if needed but is available to you and will communicate with the team.
Your case manager will come twice a week, more if needed.

💕Your social worker can come visit a couple times a month – more if needed.

💕Your spiritual counselor can visit as needed.

💕Your CNA can come a few times a week for bathing and are usually only there 1-2 hours, which is determined at admission, or during visits with your case manager.

💕A volunteer is someone that usually comes as needed for 1-2 hours. You can discuss this with your social worker or case manager.

💕Loving Hearts offers an on-call RN 24/7 for tirage and who can assist you with questions relative to your care and send a nurse if needed.

Not all hospices are the same, some offer more than others, some offer different schedules and availability. I always think it is a good idea to interview more than one hospice in your area.

I hope this information is helpful.
Always reach out to your team and ask the questions. Hospice is a team that collaborates to ensure that you and your loved one are provided with the care, education, and tools to better navigate the end-of-life journey. Never hesitate to ask, and if we don’t have the answer, we will find someone who does. We are here for you and want you to feel well supported.

💕If you have questions please call