Meet our Team of Hospice Advocates


The leaders of Loving Hearts are compassionate and caring individuals. They represent the spirit of our mission to advocate. They are passionate and innovative about creating a better end-of-life experience for patients and families and increasing access to hospice care. As well as being an inspirational leader and support to their teams. Additionally, our clinical staff are some of the most talented in their fields and are experts in end-of-life care.

Jamie Osborne


I feel like ‘Back Home Again in Indiana’  is my lifework statement. I was raised in Dearborn County, IN – graduated from East Central High School and still live in Bright.  My degrees in Social Work and Public Relations from Northern Kentucky University served me well with  positions in the area of child protective services and home-based social work – working closely with the juvenile court system in Dearborn, Ohio, and Ripley counties.  I worked most  of  my career in this Southeastern Indiana area.

In 2006, I took a positioin as a Hospice Social Worker, with a large hospice agency in the Cincinnati area. I loved the line of work, the philosophy and services hospice offered, to the patients and families I cared for. As a Hospice Social Worker, I have had the opportunity to talk to all kinds of people in all walks of life. It doesn’t matter who they are, I have found that the end-of-life journey is one that is best walked alongside others.  To help someone come to a peace about their own death is where my passion lies. Not only does this help the patient, but helps their loved ones as well.

After working several years as a Hospice Social Worker – secretly, I wished someone in my hometown had the knowledge and expertise to run an effective, compassionate, and patient centered hospice in my community. After a lot of prayer, I realized I had the expertise to start a hospice in Dearborn and surrounding counties – independent from the local hospitals and home care agencies. Teaming up with other expert hospice staff, we developed Loving Hearts.

I have been married to my husband, Jamie (yes, yes, yes… BoyJamie and GirlJamie) since 2001.  Together we have two children – our son Job and our daughter Ellie.  We have truly made Loving Hearts our family purpose.  All four of us are involved in some way with the  day-to-day on this hospice mission.

Knowing what hospice was designed for and is supposed to be and striving to make Loving Hearts stand for what is right for each patient, drives me and will drive the direction Loving Hearts takes. I want our community to have the opportunity for quality – compassionate careAny hospice can offer palliative care, but few of them do. My experience has taught me to be forward-thinking, and I am not afraid to pursue being the first in Southeastern Indiana to offer TRUE palliative care services to our community.

Educating staff and referral sources on the genuine philosophy and benefits of hospice care is a top priority for Loving Hearts. Following through with daily emphasis on specialized symptom management by qualified, professional staff and exceeding the expectations of our patients, their family, and community healthcare team.  Loving Hearts Hospice and Palliative Care will soon set the standard for hospice care in Southeastern Indiana.

Jamie Osborne

Owner, Operations

James Osborne

Community Outreach, Volunteer

Andrea Bishop

Nurse Case Manager

Megan Campbell

Music Therapy

Jody Fledderman

Social Worker

Aleah Gibson

Medical Director

Mary Harrah

Nurse Practitioner

Jenny Jones

Director of Human Services/Office Manager

Jennifer Lange

Director of Clinical Services

Kelly Merk

RN, Director of Clinical Services

Josie Milton

Psychological Assistant

Patricia Turner

Nurse Case Manager

Mandy Wolber

Nurse Case Manager

Shannon Zeiser