Mission Statement

Loving Hearts Hospice and Palliative Care,  sets the standards of care by providing an experienced, qualified team to meet the needs of chronically and terminally ill residents of southeastern Indiana.  We will pursue this mission through the use of ethical and compassionate business practices that continually assure the highest quality and efficiency of care.  The lives of our patients and their families will radiate at this last season of their lives, while the needs of the community will be enhanced through education and awareness.

Core Values

Patient care At Loving Hearts we do the right thing for the right reasons.  We will take the extra step for our patients, families and our communities.  We will consistently ask, “What else can we do to help?”  We will provide the best quality care for our patients and their families, because it is the sacred and sensitive nature of our services.

We are involved in the dying process daily – our patients and families will only take this journey once, we want our patients to experience a ‘good death’, per Ira Byock, “Dying Well”:

  • Experience as little pain as possible – keep comfortable,
  • Recognize and resolve interpersonal conflict – things that matter most:

‘I love you’, ‘Thank you’ ‘I forgive you’, and ‘Please forgive me’.

  • Satisfy any remaining wishes that are consistent with the patient’s present condition,
  • Review life to find meaning,
  • Hand over control to a trusted person – someone committed to helping the patient have the kind of death they desire (end of life conversations),
  • Decide for themselves how ‘social’ and alert they want to be at the end of their life.

Teamwork – We work as a team at Loving Hearts.  We will communicate with all disciplines within our agency; this will allow us to provide the most comprehensive care for our patients and their families.  We will follow the following guidelines for communication:

  • Treat people the way you want to be treated.
  • Use open and honest communication.
  • Create a positive experience with everyone you encounter.
  • Be an expert at your job.
  • Remain flexible and embrace change.
  • Be proactive not reactive.

Following the mission statement and core values of Loving Hearts will allow employees to make the biggest impact on our patients and families lives and will create a working relationship among employees unlike any other.

Advocates for Maximizing Your Life

Our tagline has great intention, meaning, and purpose. It connects the dots in everything we do at Loving Hearts – from our culture and mission to our vision and quality patient care. At Loving Hearts we are striving to do the right thing … every day, every time. This includes valuing and recognizing our employees as our greatest assets. It is important we affirm their lives, as well as the lives of our patients. We strive to do so throughout our education, meetings, and day-to-day interactions. If our employees find joy and peace in their work, we know it positively impacts their ability to provide comfort and legendary service to our patients.