Hospice Services

Hospice is a service that we all may need someday – if not for ourselves, for our loved ones, or for our neighbors. Although none of us are exempt from death, we do have choices about the services we use at the end of our life. Hospice is the best option in the last months of life, not only to those of us who are dying, but also to those we leave behind. Hospice services are a benefit to the patient and their family. Explore the many services offered at Loving Hearts.

Physician Support
Our Loving Hearts Hospice Medical Director oversees our patient’s Plan of Care. This includes interventions to manage pain and symptoms; measurable outcomes anticipated from implementing and coordinating the Plan of Care; and medications and treatment necessary to meet the needs of the patient. The physician support made available to our patients is a primary role of our Team. Our Loving Hearts Nurse Practitioner visits our patients in their homes or at care facilities for re-certification visits. Our Medical Director and Nurse Practitioner are very knowledgeable about palliative benefits from available interventions to medications. They also serve as a resource to the rest of the care team and an advocate for the patient.

Nursing Care
Loving Hearts provides each patient with Nurse visits on both a regular and as needed basis. Loving Hearts Hospice Nurses are experts in pain and symptom management and during each visit they assess patient and family needs. Additionally, they communicate and collaborate with the patient’s physician, Loving Hearts Medical Director, Nurse Practitioner and members of our Team to manage medical issues and other symptoms. Our Nurses are on-call 24 hours a day to provide guidance, answer questions, and visit, as necessary. The role of a Loving Hearts Nurse is to educate and guide patients and families throughout the illness and to provide information needed to understand, cope, and provide care for their loved ones.

Hospice CNAs
Loving Hearts provides personal care services while always preserving the dignity and privacy of patients. Hospice CNAs provide in-home visits that are often the high point in a patient’s day. At Loving Hearts, our Hospice CNAs are experienced and caring Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) who treat family and patients with honor and respect.

Your Hospice CNA and Nurse will work as a team to make sure personal needs are always taken care of. Your Hospice CNA plays an important role in your care and your comfort is extremely important to them. Our patients’ personal care needs are very important to us.

Medical Social Services
When a life threatening illness strikes a family, even everyday issues can seem overwhelming. Our Medical Social Services Team includes Social Workers and Bereavement Services that provide ongoing support for our patients and families – help them cope with the impact of illness through counseling and education. Social Workers have in-depth knowledge and expertise in working with ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity; family and support networks; bereavement; care team practices; interventions across the life cycle; and navigating complex healthcare systems.

Spiritual Care
It is estimated that 70 percent of suffering and pain at the end of life is not physical, but emotional and spiritual. When left untreated, spiritual pain can be the main contributor to emotional anxiety and a painful death. If you have lost purpose, relationships, or hope in your life, or if you have struggled with issues of forgiveness, then you have experienced spiritual pain.At Loving Hearts, our Spiritual Care Providers (chaplains) are non-denominational and clinically trained. What we do and mean by spiritual care is different from most organizations. Our innovative processes focus on addressing overall spiritual health, while providing a space to cope with feelings of guilt, anger, frustration, and sadness. We will not attempt to change, save, or fix you; instead we assist you in healing your own emotional and spiritual wounds. We support individuals as they celebrate their own faith, develop a deeper awareness of spiritual strength, and discover possibility for growth and healing. This is a life-changing experience that brings peace and comfort for the dying person, AS WELL AS the surviving family.

Grief and Loss Support
Losing someone close has never been and will never be an easy part of life. Each individual’s grief journey is different. It is a reflection of your personal style, your relationship with the person who died, your internal and social resources, and your past history of coping. Loving Hearts is here to help through the unexpected turns and insights.

Grief support is provided for a minimum of 13 months following the death of a patient. Every grief journey is unique and services are tailored to the individual.

One-on-one grief counseling is available by our Bereavement Counselor and Spiritual Care Provider (Chaplain) who have received specialized training on the grief process.

A Loving Journey, our Loving Hearts bereavement mailer series is available for those who choose to receive them.

Trained Volunteers
If you want to add value to someone’s life, simply by being present, you should attend a Loving Hearts Volunteer Training. At Loving Hearts we LOVE our Volunteers! We utilize and value our specially trained, caring Volunteers that are capable of assisting the people we serve. We would be unable to meet all of the needs of our patients, families, and community without the skillful hearts and hands of our Volunteers. Loving Hearts Volunteer Training is a one day, on-site event that includes eight hours of education and information as specified by the Medicare Hospice Conditions of Participation and best practices from the National Hospice & Palliative Care (NHPCO) Each section of Loving Hearts Volunteer Training is taught by an expert in that area and includes Loving Hearts Nurses, Emotional/Spiritual Team (Social Worker, Chaplain and/or Berevement Counselor), and Volunteer Coordinators.

Loving Hearts provides medications for terminal illness and related conditions. Loving Hearts provides medication management and we want to ensure pain and other symptoms are effectively managed and the right amount of medications are taken. Additionally, patients on hospice services are also provided with medical equipment (e.g., hospital beds, wheelchairs, oxygen, etc.) and medical supplies (e.g., bandages, catheters, etc.) as needed and related to patient’s hospice diagnosis and care.

Medical Equipment & Supplies
Loving Hearts provides all medical equipment related to the hospice diagnosis. This may include a hospital bed, wheelchair, oxygen, etc. as needed to provide safe, comfortable care in the patient’s home. Additionally, medical supplies such as bandages, catheters, incontinence supplies, etc. are provided as part of the Medicare Hospice Benefit and as related to patient’s hospice diagnosis and care. Loving Hearts utilizes Therapy Support to supply all equipment and provide education. Patients and/or their caregivers are responsible to follow the instructions of the Durable Medical Equipment provider.