Anyone can refer someone to hospice care or request information. With this in mind, getting hospice care started is a rather simple process. The earlier a person is referred, the more Loving Hearts can do to help.

If a primary physician or medical specialist recommends hospice, you as a patient or family can choose which agency you want for care.  Loving Hearts is available to anyone in Dearborn, Franklin, Ohio and Ripley counties.

The Hospice Admission Process:

Admission to Loving Hearts Hospice and Palliative Care is simple.  We want this to be a smooth process for all involved.

  1. A Loving Hearts Representative provides a free no-obligation, in-home visit to the patient and/or family. Then together, we discuss the patient’s needs, goals, and concerns. We will also discuss the items that are most helpful to have available for the nurse visit.
  2. Consent forms are signed by the patient or POA. The forms are similar to those completed when entering a hospital. The forms will explain services available to the patient and family.
  3. Loving Hearts will obtain an order for hospice from the patient’s physician.
  4. A Loving Hearts Nurse will make an appointment to visit the patient and/or family and establish a plan for the patient’s care.

To start the conversation, please call 812.932.0641 or email