I would like to introduce you to LOVING HEARTS Hospice and Palliative Care.  We offer a true Palliative Care program to the Dearborn, Franklin, Ohio, and Ripley counties.

Our Vision is: To Provide Patients and Families, facing life limiting illness with positive outcomes as we will be YOUR advocates for Maximizing your life. LOVING HEARTS staff has a combined 20+  years of hospice experience. Our goal is to provide hospice care in ways other hospice’s in our area do not. We will be present when it is critical – offering true 24/7 support. We believe that we are the best that Hospice can offer. LOVING HEARTS Hospice and Palliative Care is privately owned and operated allowing us to make decisions on a patient-to-patient basis, providing only top quality care.

LOVING HEARTS provides comprehensive care for patients and families facing serious illness. Started by Jamie Osborne – a hospice social worker since 2007 in the Cincinnati area. She loved the job, the philosophy and services the hospice offered, the people she cared for and others she met. Secretly, Jamie wished someone in her town in Indiana had the knowledge and expertise to run an effective, efficient hospice for our county. After months of research, hard work and dedication, Jamie realized she had the expertise to start a hospice in Dearborn County and surrounding counties, independent from the local hospitals and home care agencies. Teaming up with other expert hospice staff, LOVING HEARTS developed services that are unique to this area. We are a fully accredited provider through CHAP .

We offer medical care, individual and family counseling, personal care, spiritual care, bereavement services, pain management and much more.

LOVING HEARTS cares for patients of all ages and backgrounds – regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sex, sexual preference, age, handicap or ability to pay. Care is delivered through a team-oriented approach and is tailored to each patient’s needs and wishes. Our support extends to the patient’s family, caregivers and other loved ones. LOVING HEARTS is committed to helping people in our community live better, longer. We truly believe that the earlier you call, the more we can help.

Anyone can refer someone to hospice care or request information. With this in mind, getting hospice care started is a rather simple process. The earlier a person is referred, the more LOVING HEARTS can do to help. The patient and family receive the most benefit if they begin hospice services before it is a crisis. Sadly, many people believe that hospice is unavailable or inappropriate until literally, the last days of a person’s life. To refer someone to hospice, call 812-932-0641 click the link at the top of the page and send an email – someone will get back with you.

Through hospice, patients can enjoy a better quality of life. Hospice care is aimed at pain relief and symptom control, rather than being a curative treatment. In fact, hospice provides many benefits for everyone involved, not just the patient. Our staff also teaches the family to provide care so they feel more confident in their caregiver role. We can help you decide if hospice is the right choice for you and your loved ones. Most importantly, LOVING HEARTS affirms life of the patient AND those who love and care for them.

The Hospice Admission Process:
Admission to LOVING HEARTS is simple and we strive to make it a smooth process for all involved:

  1. A LOVING HEARTS Representative provides a free no-obligation, in-home visit to the patient and/or family. Then together they discuss the patient’s needs, goals, and concerns. They will also discuss the items that are most helpful to have available for the Nurse visit.
  2. Consent forms are signed by the patient or POA. The forms are similar to those completed when entering a hospital. The forms will explain services available to the patient and family.
  3. LOVING HEARTS will obtain an order for hospice from the patient’s physician.
  4. A LOVING HEARTS Nurse will make an appointment to visit the patient and/or family and establish a plan for the patient’s care.
  5. A LOVING HEARTS Nurse will make an appointment to visit the patient and/or family and establish a plan for the patient’s care.